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Bright Healthy Smile

Summer, summer time…with a bright healthy smile.oraltips3

Having white teeth doesn’t mean your smile is a healthy one. The “structure” or “foundation” that support your teeth is far more important than the shade of them. Taking care of your smile is important to your overall health and well being. Teeth are important in so many ways to our daily activities. They are paramount in our chewing, speech and appearance.

To achieve a healthy smile, it’s important to get back to basics. Brushing twice a day for two minutes is crucial to help reduce the amount of plaque/bacteria in the mouth. Brushing alone won’t suffice. Passing a dental aid between the teeth is equally as important. Floss, soft picks or an air flosser are a few examples of interproximal cleaning aids. These two easy steps will help you improve your smile and reduce the risk of gingivitis(gum disease) or even periodontal disease (which attacks the “foundation” of your teeth). I often get clients asking me why they bleed while flossing or during a cleaning. The answer is this “you need to floss more!”. The more you do, the less bacteria is in your mouth therefore, the less you will bleed. Trust me, after  two weeks of interproximal cleaning, your mouth will be a healthier one. Don’t stop there, incorporate cleaning between your teeth into your daily routine and be confident while you smile.

Focus on taking care of your smile before jumping on the “whitening” trend. Remember, you can still lose your teeth to gum disease even if they are the brightest shade.