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Oral Tips

What services can I receive at an independent Dental Hygiene clinic?

Our focus is preventative dental care such as dental hygiene assessment including periodontal assessment (gums), oral cancer screenings, preventative dental cleaning(scaling and polishing), fluoride applications/desensitizing agents, denture cleanings, oral hygiene instruction and much more. We hope to provide exceptional care along with your dentist to ensure optimal care is taken for each individual that we see. In addition, we offer a safe whitening system to enhance your smile. We are a bilingual clinic and offer convenient hours to suit the needs of the client.

Floss /interdental brushes or soft picks? These items are needed to remove the food debris and plaque that your brush cannot access. As a result of cleaning between the teeth, the gingiva becomes healthier, firmer and tighter around the teeth. The interdental brush is also used to help keep braces clean.

Interdental stimulator: This dental aid helps stimulate the gum tissue around a crown, implant or your natural teeth and remove food/plaque that was missed by your toothbrush. They may come in the form of a double ended brush with pointed bristles or a rubber tip.

Hand toothbrush: It is always recommended to use a soft bristled brush to help prevent tooth abrasion that can occur from “hard vigorous” brushing or improper technique. Some brush heads are designed smaller for hard to reach areas and smaller mouths. Let us review the best brush for you!

Electric toothbrush: Often clients get a better result from brushing with an electric toothbrush. One reason being that the electric brush has a timer to ensure the proper amount of time is taken for brushing. On average, it is said that people brush for 30-45seconds when in fact they should be brushing for 2minutes. Electric brushes come in several makes and models. Ask us which one we would suggest to help you achieve your healthiest smile.

Oral irrigators: Used for the removal of food/plaque, an oral irrigator can be filled with mouthwash, saline water or plain water. A great dental aid for periodontal pockets or while in orthodontic treatment (braces).

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